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 If you are a business owner and you are still unsure whether you need a website or not, let us tell you right now, you need one. The internet now is the #1 source of information with Google alone processing 4.3 Billion searches every day.

If your business is not represented online with a website, can you imagine how much potential you are missing out on?

Before starting out on a website for your business, here are the things you need to know.

What are the web design basics?

What are the web design basics?

Web design is basically designing websites that you see on the internet. It sounds simple, but creating one is time-consuming and would require a certain level of expertise. Web designers use their knowledge to plan not just the appearance of the website, but even the content.

There are many terms that you need to be familiar with when it comes to web design. From CSS to HTML to hex codes and baseline. That’s why many people leave the web designing to the professionals because they already know what the basics are, and more.

What tools do professionals use to build a website?

We can think of people who do web design as craftsmen. And to be able to produce something of good quality, they would need to have tools. Here are some of the basic tools they use in order to create a beautiful and functional website. 

  • Adobe Photoshop – created in 1988, Adobe Photoshop is a graphic design software that is used for raster image editing and digital art. The software makes use of layers to create masks and fillers in a certain image. When it comes to web design, Adobe Photoshop has many uses. You can create graphics for logos, banners, etc. Some are also able to make template designs for their websites using this software alone. The program can be quite technical so one should study before using the software.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – this particular software is really created as a web design tool. What makes the Dreamweaver a favorite is that it can be used by both beginners and advanced professionals. It is a simple way of designing a website that makes use of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform. But this program can also have its limitations, that’s why professionals still make use of programming language to create their websites. 
  • WordPress – This open-source software is a favorite among many professionals. It is the most popular content management system in the world, with over 30% using it for their websites. There are ready-made themes that users can get and then just edit according to their specific wants. 

What is the best language to design a website?

There are several languages that a web developer uses in order to create a stunning website. If you are a business owner, you do not need to be an expert in these languages, but a basic understanding can be quite handy. 

Keeping up to date will help you because you can make sure that your site keeps up with the current trends and practices. You can also make tweaks to your design and make sure it is optimized. Here are some of the most commonly used languages you can start studying:

  • HTML – stands for HyperText Markup Language. It can be used for the layout of your site. It provides the structure to develop your page. It is very important and without HTML, it would be very hard to create a website. 
  • CSS – once you are done with the structure using HTML, it’s time to add style to your page. That’s what CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is for. Basically, CSS formats the layout. You can change text styles and many other aspects of your web site through CSS. 
  • Javascript – another popular programming language is Javascript. You can add interactive elements and ensure that you are able to engage your user properly through this language.  

There are several other languages that were not mentioned above, such as SQL, Python, etc. It would be hard to declare which one is the best as it would depend on whoever is doing the web design. 

web design - development

Who hosts websites?

When getting your website set up, it’s not enough to just design the site. You will also need to find a web host provider, or else your website will never be live on the internet. 

Think of a web host as a house where you will put all of the things connected to your website. All your files, photos, CSS files and more will need storage. 

Although there are free platforms like Blogger or even the free WordPress version, ultimately a hosted website gives you more control and better experience for website visitors. Some of the more popular web hosts include Inmotionhosting, Siteground, Bluehost, to name a few. 

Choosing the best web host for you is very crucial. There are many horror stories online of businesses and brands losing their precious websites due to the inefficiency of their web host. 

It’s important to compare the different sites and choose one that will give the best value for money. You should also check their support system so that you can be at peace knowing you are able to reach them 24/7 for any technical issue. 

Should I build my own website?

There is no rule that says you need to hire someone to design your website for you. Some people can learn on their own as to how to create a basic website. 

But like any decision, it will have its own pros and cons. The list below will enumerate some of them. You can then decide on your own whether it is a better choice if you build your own website or hire someone else to develop it. 


  • It is cheaper for you – doing this task on your own can save you money that you can use for other aspects of your business.
  • You set the pace – some clients get frustrated because it can take time to build a website, especially if you are hiring a company with many clients. Doing it on your own means you can get it done quicker. 


  • Your site might not rank as there are important elements of a professionally-designed website. There are elements that only professional web designers know. Such as knowledge of User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and elements to optimize Page Loading Speed.
  • Not knowing the right hosting for your website may cause your website to shut down.

Is Google Web Designer free?

Google Web designer is free to download and use. It can be used to create animations that can be used for advertisements and the like.

One complaint about this free software is that it cannot open HTML files that were created on other software for web design.

What are the best Website builders for beginners?

For those who are determined to create their own website, the good news is that there are many website builders that can help. Some of the most popular include Wix, Sitebuilder, and WordPress (with free or hosted site options).

WordPress is the most popular website builder. In fact even big companies use it. The self-hosted WordPress is a good choice because the free WordPress version has a lot of limitations and will not let you have maximum control.

Sitebuilder is easy to use as you can just drag and drop the parts of your website, although you will need to start from their own templates and not create your own.

Meanwhile, if you choose to go with Wix, you will not need to pay to get your site hosted. The problem is that there will be ads all over your website unless you choose their unlimited plan.

How much does a new website cost?

There is no set amount for what a new website will cost. You can spend as little as $20 upfront if you do it on your own.

But like what is said, you get what you pay for. Will you scrimp on the branding and image of your business?

Meanwhile, there are those who even shell out as much as $20,000 or more for a customized website.

Is WordPress great for websites?

Over 30% of websites are made using WordPress, proving just how popular it is. With WordPress, you can build so many types of websites, from personal blogs to an eCommerce store. There are also thousands of themes to choose from which you can then customize.

There is a learning curve though because it is a system. But it is very easy to use and once you master WordPress, you will reap the many benefits it has to offer, such as being SEO-friendly.

What you need to know about website design

Website design represents your business and will create the impression on your potential customers. Hence, a DIY website is a big NO. Here are the important elements you need to know about website design:

Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed

Do each of your pages load in under 2 seconds? Does it pass the page speed test? Speed of page loading is an important factor that affects ranking in search engines.

Professional web designers know this, and they know how to achieve a great page speed. This includes optimizing images, minifying Javascripts, CSS, and HTML. Page loading speed is also dependent on the next factor, webhosting.

The Right Webhosting

Your site is live because of webhosting. It is your “rent” of the internet space.

Your webhosting must have the right capacity according to your business website’s needs if you want your site to be fast and capable of handling all your images, videos and resource usage.

If you use the wrong hosting for your site, there is a very good chance that your website will shut down for over usage of resources.

Mobile Friendliness

Based on studies, over 60% of internet usage is through a mobile device. That being said, Google has implemented the Mobile First Policy.

If your site does not adjust to a mobile device’s display, your site will be too small to be of use to a website visitor, causing the visitor to leave your site.

You must make sure that your website adjusts its display in any mobile device. You can check a site’s mobile friendliness by this Mobile Friendly Test.

Mobile Friendliness web design

User Interface (UI)

User interface is all about the right layout for your website visitors.

Is your site’s structure and layout user-friendly? Is it easy to navigate with the reader not going beyond 3 clicks to get to a certain page? These are samples of the bigger picture – the User Experience.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is the over-all ease of use and a totality of elements of Page Loading Speed, Mobile Friendliness, and User Interface.

Your website visitors must have a satisfactory experience in navigating your website and achieve the purpose of their website visit. Not having this ease of use will cause a website visitor to leave, causing a high bounce rate, which is a ranking factor in Google. 


When a website visitor leaves your site after just a few seconds or a couple of minutes, to Google it means the visitor did not achieve what they were looking for on your site. This can mean you will not rank for the keywords that the visitor used to land on your website.


Your website represents your business online – it CAN make or break your business.

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Don’t take chances with website design. A professionally designed website can give your customers a great user experience and can generate new leads and recurring visitors.