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Do you need SEO Company for your business? If you have a business, you should be utilizing the best seo practices available to you. In today’s competitive world, local seo is essential.

If you are new to business, you may be asking what is seo?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a complicated, but beautiful process when you understand what is actually happening. Well, at least as best you can understand Google’s everchanging algorithms.

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What is Local SEO?

Search engine optimization for businesses consists of 5 major components. Most seo professionals will agree with the first four I will discuss, but some will argue the last one I will mention. Before we get started, I want to mention the first principle to understand is establishing a well-defined target market should be done first and should be considered when doing anything else for your business. This holds true for business search engine optimization as well.

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01 Website SEO

If you create a lot of content on your website, probably the most important component of business seo is website seo. Your website should utilize all the best seo practices paying special attention to:

  • title and description tags
  • content quality and length
  • structured data
  • mobile readiness
  • backlinks

There are over 200 factors to consider just for on page or website seo. But, if you do a good job with those mentioned above, it will help your website rank better for sure.

02 Social Media Content Strategy

Social provides a great opportunity for you to reach potential customers. But, just posting content without a high-level plan may not give you the results you want. Start with your target market and determine how you will reach them and eventually get them to take action. Become a resource and create engagement specifically for your target market. Integrate keyword phrases, hash tags, and optimized images and videos in your content. These are some of the things you should consider when devising your social media content strategy.

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03 Business Listings

Be sure you list your business on all the major listing sites like Yelp, search engines like Google, and distribution sites like Acxiom . Don’t forget about associations, chambers of commerce, professional organizations, civic organizations, or anywhere you have a relevant business profile. These listings should be optimized and will help to provide backlinks for your website for better local seo.

04 Online Reviews Strategy

Online reviews are becoming more and more important to your business seo. Potential customers want to know what experiences others share about you. Make it very easy for your loyal customers to give you great reviews no matter what platform they use. Also, do not ignore negative reviews. Be sincere and reach out to a negative reviewer in hopes of “making it right.” Don’t try to game the system or you could get dinged for fake reviews. Spread reviews around on different platforms and at a normal pace.

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05 Offline Strategy

Your offline strategy could legitimately be the most important part of your local seo. You should again start with your target market. Then you decide how you will create engagement with that target market. Find a community where 70% – 90% of its members are potential customers. Then all you have to do is infuse yourself in the community by working and creating engagement. When you create engagement over and over again, you become prominent within that community. Engagement plus prominence equals customers, both online and offline. Help your local seo by having a strategy for how you spend your time offline.

With all of the above, you will need to track and measure, analyze, and update your content and strategy. If you need help with any of the above, contact us at 919-302-8849. We can help.

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