Online Reviews Strategy

Online Reviews and testimonials are extremely important and can directly affect your bottom line. Shoppers rely on reviews to make purchase decisions and good reviews can directly affect your seo. Even before the internet, the public would depend on reviews and testimonials from family, friends and colleagues. Now with the wide spread use of the internet, it is easy not only to put reviews and testimonials online, but also to access them.

There are many platforms where your online reviews can show. You should monitor everywhere you allow reviews for both the good and bad. This is a part of reputation management. If there is any sort of notification system in place, use it. When you receive good reviews, you should respond generally with some sort of thank you. When you get a bad review, you should try to find out from the customer how you can make it right. Don’t just assume they were having a bad day. Be empathetic and sincere with your apology. But again, you want to make it right in hopes they will go back to the review and update it with a more positive one. You may want to make your initial contact to a bad review off platform when possible. If you do this, remember to eventually respond on platform. Do not ignore good and especially bad reviews.

Online reviews and reputation management

If you are in business long enough, you will eventually get a fake review. On some popular platforms, you have no recourse. You will then have to decide how much does this negatively affect your business. Sometimes, it may be prudent to remove the possibility for reviews on a certain platform.

Get Online Reviews on Multiple Platforms

You should try to get online reviews on different platforms. Get online reviews at a normal rate so you don’t trigger the system that you are getting fake reviews. Be sure to know each platform’s policies so you are staying compliant.

Online reviews assessment

Make it as easy as possible for your loyal customers to give you online reviews. Whenever possible use strategies like sending a good customer a Google 5-star link. With this link, it is very easy for your customer to give you 5 stars.

Use reviews or testimonials on your website. Please try to add pictures and names to your testimonials. People believe online reviews and testimonials more when a picture and a name are included. If you really want to impress, use video testimonials.

Don’t forget to include structured data with your website reviews.

The internet is fabulous and here to stay, but you should be getting reviews and testimonials offline as well. There are ways to help facilitate this amongst your target markets. For ideas on how to do this, help with reputation management, or if you have questions about online reviews strategy, contact us at 919-302-8849. We’d love to help.

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