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Local Presence SEO is a marketing agency that examines your complete website design to help you understand where you stand on the internet. We believe in a holistic marketing approach because anything you create on the web affects your entire web presence. Local Presence SEO will make sure all of your marketing efforts are in sync and targeting the right market for your business. Check out our services below and give us a call today to start gaining new clients.

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hosting and server management

Hosting and Server Management – VPS

  • Fast VPS (virtual private server)
  • Website Security
  • Website Migration
  • Complete Server Management
  • Plugins

Content Creation

  • Research and consultation on determination of keyword phrase
  • Creation of 1800-word, optimized article on keyword phrase and its derivatives

Website Creation


  • New Website
  • Pages:
    • Homepage
      • Header Slider
      • Services Marketing
      • CTA
      • About Us
      • Testimonials
      • Brand Trust
    • Contact Page
    • Services Page
    • 3 Pages
      • Includes consultation and research
  • Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Cookies Compliance
  • Copyright Compliance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Structured Data
  • NAP in Footer
  • Social Connection
  • Sitemap
  • *Ecommerce is additional

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Website General Auditfor W3C Compliance

Cost = Free

Website On-Page Optimization

  • General website optimization
    • Structured data
    • NAP in Footer
    • Privacy Policy
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Sitemap
  • Optimize up to 3 pages for 3 target phrases
    • Editing
    • Content creation
    • Research
  • Website Speed
  • Security Evaluation and Recommedation
  • Website Navigational Structure
    • Promote Google Site Links
  • Link Structure
  • Social Connection
  • Brand Trust

Social Media Marketing


  • Optimize up to 3 social media platforms
  • Post relevant content 5 times per week
  • Use appropriate hash tags
  • Post any article creation with links to website
  • Choose 1 platform (Facebook · Instagram · LinkedIn) to enter business into proprietary social mining program

Video Creation

  • Create 2 videos per month
    • Live action or animation
    • 2-minutes or less
  • Youtube submission
  • Video Optimization for keyword phrases
  • Transcription
  • Youtube account optimization

Link Building


  • We create high quality backlinks concentrating on the specific pages and keyword phrases chosen
  • All backlinks are from domains of 50 DA or higher
  • 3 primary(40 total) keyword phrases and up to 3 target urls
business citations

Business Citations

  • Create and/or confirm listing on 46 sites including Google and Bing
  • Optimize each listing
  • Monitor each listing for correctness and changes

Business Reputation and Reviews

  • A written reviews strategy is designed, implemented, and submitted to client (for up to 3 platforms)
    • Review request template for Google is created and submitted to client
    • All 3 review platforms are monitored for actions needed regarding comments
    • Web is monitored for business name mentions
    • Consultation on actions to take

Google My Business

  • Optimization
  • Monitoring and fielding questions and comments
  • Reviews management
    • Get more reviews while getting higher star rating
    • Monitor for positive and negative comments
  • Daily article posting – 5 days per week
  • Posting notice of any article creation from website
ppc ads

Google Ads

  • Create and Manage Google Ads on Search Network and/or Display Network
    • 3 ads created per category
    • includes a secondary phrase and up to 15 related phrases
    • Includes monitoring, evaluation, and editing
    • Landing Page Consultation and/or Creation
    • *Does not include ad spend
social media marketing

Socia Media Ads

  • Client Consultation
  • Target Research
  • Landing Page Consult
  • Ad Creation, Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • 1 Campaign with 2 ad sets


Cost =
$2500 for 250,000 Impressions per month
$2000 for 187,500 Impressions per month
$1500 for 125,000 Impressions per month
  • Website Retargeting
    • After a person visits the website, we automatically get their device information. We then show them specific ads we’ve created when they visit other websites on the internet.
  • Search Retargeting
    • After someone does a search for a specific phrase, we then show them specific ads we’ve created when they visit other websites on the internet.
  • Contextual Retargeting
    • After someone reads an article on the internet on specific topics, we then show them specific ads we’ve created when they visit other websites on the internet.
  • Geofencing
    • We target an area on a map. When someone enters that specific area, we target their device or cell phone. We then show them specific ads we’ve created when they visit websites on the internet.
  • Event Retargeting
    • We draw a polygon around a specific location where a targeted event is happening. When someone attends that event with their device or cell phone, we then show them specific ads we’ve created when they visit websites on the internet.
SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Can bundle any services above at a reduced rate. Contact us for a quote. *Monthly services require at least a 6-months contract.