How to Build Seo Backlinks that Crush the Competition

What Are Backlinks

SEO BacklinksSEO backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that “link” to your site’s web pages. These are the URLs of your web pages embedded into the pages of other websites. When visitors click on those URLs, they will be redirected to your site.
People in the SEO community also call it as In Bound Links (IBL). 

The number and quality of your site’s In-Bound Links show how popular or how important your web pages are.
Generally speaking, getting quality backlinks is one of the most important factors that influence your website’s visibility and ranking in the SERP.

So how exactly do you build SEO backlinks?

How to Build Backlinks for your Website

High Authority Backlinks

High authority backlinks are links from trusted, authoritative websites. These websites have high scores for any of the metrics below:

  • Domain authority
  • Citation flow
  • Trust flow
  • Moz rank and
  • Alexa global rank
build backlinks

Here are ways to building high-authority backlinks using white hat link-building methods:

  1. Broken link-building technique – finding opportunities through competitors’ broken links, creating content that can be a good replacement for that broken link which other sites have linked to and offering your replacement.
  2. Skyscraper technique – finding popular content of your competitor, making a more thorough content, then offering to those who linked to your competitor.
  3. Updated information technique – finding outdated articles of your competitors, creating an updated one, then offering it as a more relevant replacement to those who linked to your competitors.
  4. Ego bait – doing a write up of an influencer, then reaching out to that influencer to inform them of the feature by giving the link to your featured article.
  5. Round up list – finding round up lists, creating related content and offering your content.
  6. Infographics/graphs – Creating infographics out of popular content, creating an embed code for it via embed code generator and offering your created visual to those who linked to that popular content.
  7. Articles that show statistics, facts and figures – these are very popular pieces of information that a lot of sites want to link to.
  8. Citations – this is a very smart way to earn backlinks from high DA sites such as Wikipedia. Often, we will see a page in Wiki with the note “citation needed”.
  9. Web Mentions – this is where your brand name is important, you can scout for sites that mentioned your brand without a link and reach out to them saying you shall appreciate a link.
  10. Helping a journalist by providing well-researched articles so they will cite your website as the source.
  11. Giving testimonials that link from high Domain Authority sites.

Niche Backlinks

Niche backlinks are the links that come from websites that are within your niche or in the same category where your business belongs.
When you’re trying to acquire backlinks from websites that are not related to your site, you’re only wasting time and money since you’re targeting people who are not interested in your products or services.
What’s worse? Irrelevant backlinks can hurt your website’s search engine ranking.

search backlinks
Whereas, if you’re getting backlinks from websites that are related to your website’s keyword or niche — you are boosting your authority and Google might reward you for doing so.
Your web pages will more likely land on the top search results for relevant search queries, search terms, or keywords.
So how do you get relevant websites to ‘link back’ to your site?
Remember the way to safely build links is through the white hat methods mentioned above.

Should you Buy Backlinks?

So why do most website owners think of buying backlinks at some point in their link building campaign?
The 2 most common reasons are to save time and for faster results.
Let’s face it. Link building involves doing outreach, there are many things you need to do and think about. Plus, link building campaigns run for several months and you may only see the results of your efforts for up to a year after.
And so…you think about buying backlinks since it’s much easier to do and you get quicker results.

content keywords

Before you start thinking it, this is a big NO! There are things that you must consider when buying links. 

  1. It’s against Google’s backlink best practices. Keep in mind you don’t always get away with it. If you get caught — expect to see your website, backlink profile, and your precious business gets butchered overnight. You’ll get a manual action from trying to game the system. Many website owners admit that recovering a de-indexed website is difficult and is not always successful.
  1. It’s not worth it. There’s no guarantee that you’re buying high-quality backlinks.
  1. Backlinks that are for sale aren’t cheap — they cost around $300. Some even come as a subscription, once you stop paying, your backlinks will be removed.

Remember, you can’t expect a considerable improvement in your rankings with just one backlink so you have to buy more.
Therefore, you are spending a lot of money buying backlinks but there is no guarantee that the links you acquired are of high quality.

Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are links from high-quality websites. When these websites “link back” to you, it means your website’s content is worth sharing to internet users because they are useful or valuable.
When your website gets backlinks from high-quality websites, Google sees this as a vote to boost your rankings in the search results.

Backlinks audit

A backlinks audit is like conducting an evaluation on your website — checking the quality of your backlinks and that there are no spammy nor broken links.
In this case, website owners or webmasters search and remove backlinks that could damage their website. Negligence could result in affecting your ranking or worse, receiving Google penalties.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to conducting a basic backlinks audit.


  1. Search all your site’s backlinks and get to know each one of them.
  1. Evaluate all your backlinks as a whole and look for strengths and weaknesses. Your backlinks are collectively known as the backlink profile.
  1. Identify which ones are the unnatural links, low DA, spammy links.
  1. Evaluate the issues of each unnatural link to determine the health of the backlink profile.
  1. Remove bad links by disavowing them using Google’s Disavow tool.
  1. Perform a deeper competitive analysis by comparing the links of your competitors to your links.

Competitor’s backlinks

It’s always a good practice to know and understand your website’s backlinks. But learning your competitor’s backlinks can help in creating a better SEO plan that can help you keep ahead of the competition.

SEO backlinks builder

A backlinks builder is a software or application that automatically creates quality backlinks from special websites. SEO experts refer to this software as a tool for link building and it has other names such as backlinks maker and backlinks generator.
A backlinks builder works by extracting the saved reports by various applications on the world wide web along with SEO backlinks. These applications evaluate websites according to specific parameters such as:

  • Domain age
  • IP address
  • Amount of traffic
  • Hosting provider
  • Ranked keywords
  • Google page rank
  • Social shares

They also check site issues such as SEO and security vulnerabilities.

Backlink Strategy

To define a good backlinking strategy, it is worthy to mention that NOT all backlinks are the same – at least not the same in value.
The most valuable of all is the contextual link or the editorial link. These are links to your content within the body of their content. That is what a good backlinking strategy should aim for. Couple that with links from high DA sites DA40 and above.
User-generated content or UGC, also known as guest posting, has some value but not as much as contextual links. In fact,
backlink strategy
Google has a specific category for UGC backlinks.
Not even the bio author’s link box carries much weight. The same can be said of footer links.
Neither are submissions to business directories. The main purpose of presence in business directories is to establish trust among readers.
As far as submission to article directories, its main purpose is to spread the word, but these article directory submissions do not carry much value either.


SEO Backlinks are incoming links from another website’s web page to your site’s web page. When other websites link back to you, it means they trust you and that they find your content useful.
Backlinks signify a vote of confidence and that it tells Google and other search engines that you deserve to go up in the rankings.


DA or Domain Authority is a value between 0-100 with 100 being the most authoritative sites. This is achieved by having valuable content over time, Domain Age, and high backlink count.


Backlinks are important because to Google and other search engines, it is a sign of your content’s trustworthiness and credibility. With a good backlink profile, it thus helps you push higher to the first page of search engines.
After all, there is a study showing that only those sites that land on the first page will get the customers.

search result clicks
Backlinks also are sources of traffic, the referring domain’s traffic can potentially become your traffic as well.


White hat link-building refers to the link building strategy and tactics website owners use to improve their website’s ranking in the search engines without breaking the rules set out by Google.
In contrast, Black Hat link building are strategies and tactics website owners use that bend and break Google’s Webmaster’s Guidelines. Often, these website owners only think about gaming the search engines to get quick results. They don’t think about the human visitors of their websites.

Black Hat link building methods include:

  • Buying backlinks
  • Blog comment spamming
  • PBNs or Private Blog Networks – buying expiring or expired domains with some existing backlinks and adding content with links to your main site
  • Link farming


A safe and sound backlinking strategy employs whitehat methods and takes time. The reason is that Google prefers the natural build-up of backlinks.

Whitehat link building is the safest way to go. Trust only SEO backlinking services that “take the stairs” rather than try to impress you with a fast build up of backlinks. This is called link velocity and Google WILL notice that.


The cost of backlink SEO services starts at $1000 per month. Just make sure that the company is fully knowledgeable of Google’s best practices so that it is worth your investment.

Small businesses find great results with that starting price while others may need to invest more depending on how specialized or competitive their niches are.

The pricing will depend on several factors such as domain authority needed, a variety of tactics, speed, site history, competition, and how fast the customer wants to see the results.

Get Only SEO Backlinking Services Using Safe, White Hat Methods

SEO backlinks were and always will be one of the most important ranking factors in terms of Search Engine Optimization. This is also the reason why link building is still an important activity in any SEO campaign. The most important thing to remember when getting backlinking services is a company that builds backlinks safely using white hat methods.  If you need help or have any questions, please contact Local Presence SEO at 919-302-8849.